Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day Out with Thomas

I love watching my children grow into their personalities. I love that they each have their likes and dislikes.  I never would have thought that 'The Boy' would love trains so much and I can't believe that he still loves them as much as he did two years ago.  We are definitely a Thomas and Friends family.  I know the words to every song by heart and can tell you the names of more trains than I am willing to admit.  Naturally, we had to spend a day out with Thomas.

We rounded up the troops and headed to the Perris Valley Orange Railway for one of the most fun afternoons we have spent as a family.  'The Boy' was so excited to meet Thomas and I loved watching him beam as we rode in the passenger car that Thomas pulled.

Here's Thomas!

He picked out a Thomas tattoo and was so proud to wear it.  It was on there real good.  I couldn't get it off for days.

There was a huge tent filled with tracks and trains for the kids to play with.  We spent a lot of time in here.

Playing with the buttons in the light yard.

Watching a Thomas and Friends movie in the viewing room.
Daddy bought him a special red balloon.

Then it was time for what we had all been waiting for.

Holding the boarding pass.

 Platform "C".
Watching Thomas pull into the station.

All Aboard!

'Munchkin' was excited, too.

He held his ticket the whole time.

The train ride was about 20 minutes and took us through the back of lovely Perris, CA.  We did get to see a lot of old train cars and at least had a view of the fields and not the parking lot.

This one fell asleep shortly after all the excitement.

His new Thomas and Friend viewfinder, a little gift from Thomas.  he thinks it's a camera. He's taking a picture of me, taking a picture of him. 

Such a fun day but we had to end it early so that 'The Hubs' could catch a plane for a business trip.  I had no idea it was an all day thing.  Good thing Thomas comes around once a year.  I just hope 'The Boy' is still into trains by then.  I probably have nothing to worry about there.

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