Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chelsea's Baby Shower

Last Saturday, my mom, step-mom and a couple of my girlfriends threw me a fabulous baby shower. I had such a blast seeing everyone, eating yummy food, and playing games. Thank you to everyone who came!
I took a bunch of pictures of the decor, food, and the party happenings. Of course, I helped with the preparations. You didn't think I could just sit back and watch, did you?
Our theme was pink and green based on the bedding I was ordering at the time. Of course, I changed my mind and ordered something totally different. We threw in a bunch of Gerber daisies because I just love them!

My mom's fireplace covered in goodies for Chelsea (blog nickname still pending). I made the banner. It says 'It's a girl' 'Chelsea Renee'.

We hung tissue paper flowers from the ceilings above some of the tables. I made these from scratch and they were a serious pain. They came out so pretty, though.
We had a diaper raffle and I think that they are the best idea for a baby shower. I ended up with 12 packs of newborn and size 1 diapers. A pretty good start! My step-grandmother, Joan, won the big prize.

The game table filled with diapers and candy necklaces. We played a game where you loose your necklace when you say cute. I was doing so well until present time came around.

Pink Lemonade and Iced Tea

Our yummy spread. My Mom made such good food!

The dessert buffet.

The prizes for all of the games.

My friend Mariel made the gorgeous cupcakes, red velvet and lemon. Yum!
They are displayed on my friend, Monica's cupcake stand. I had to mention it! Haha!

I made chocolate covered strawberries and drizzled pink chocolate over them.

My mom made delicious chocolate covered pretzels.

This was such a surprise. I had helped my Mom with a lot of the details but I had no idea about the amazing diaper cake that she made. It is filled with diapers, of course, receiving blankets, toiletries, baby toys and even a tutu!

Another shot of the diaper cake with Chelsea's 4D photo framed in front.

The top of the diaper cake.

My Mom made all of the flower arrangements.

My sister-in-laws Janelle and Jennifer, my niece Calli, and Mariel.
We played a couple of games before I opened presents. Monica had us play a game where we had to guess celebrity babies. It was really hard! Then, Mariel had us play guess the baby item in the bag which we had to do by feeling our way through a paper bag. I did pretty well at this one. I think Rachelle or Janelle won. Sorry, pregnancy brain won't let me remember.

Opening presents.

I got a froggy humidifier.

Gorgeous baby blanket made by Gayle, from church.

The gift basket from my Mom. It was filled with every baby thing imaginable. Even Chelsea's baby book. Thanks, Mom.

My friend, Kristina, and her 1 month old, Brityn. She is modeling the diaper covers my sister-in-law, Rachelle, made for Chelsea.

Towards the end of the party, Daddy and 'The Boy' made an appearance. This is his Big Brother shirt. I wish I had gotten a picture of it before he ate a cupcake.

Me and the Big Brother. Yes, I am aware that this is not a good picture.

I made the party favors. Flower sugar cookies and cookie pops.

Thank you so much to every one for such a special day!


jessica said...

omg! everything is sooo cute!! i love all the details! the diaper cake was adorable! how fun!! :)

Kim @ Frost Me! said...

very cute! I love that diaper cake!

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