Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Disney Day

We decided, sort of last minute, to go to California Adventure last Friday. All morning, 'The Boy' was saying "I go to Calventure, Mommy". He was so excited. We left the house around noon and 'The Boy' took a nice nap on the way up. This was great because it is so hard to get him to nap at the park. Who can blame him?

We had to park way off site (probably because we arrived later in the day) and took a trolley to the main gates. It was so much faster than doing the usual tram thing.

Clearly, the most thrilling ride of our lives. Haha.

'The Hubs' and I have been to California Adventure once for all of a few hours so, it was exciting to explore the park. It also was kind of a pain because even with the map, my pregnancy brain couldn't figure out where we were going.

We started off in 'A Bug's Land'. They had a few kiddie rides in that area and 'The Boy' loved the ladybugs.

Waiting in line. "I hug you up, Daddy". Thankfully it wasn't too long of a wait.

"I hug you up, Mommy". Listening for crickets.

My boys in the very front car. "I go the roller coaster!"

Ready for Flik's Flyer's. That is Ben, the train. He got to go on every ride.

Taking off. He wasn't so sure about it for a minute.

Meeting a new friend.

Ready to watch, "It's tough to be a bug". 'The Boy' would not wear his glasses and did not enjoy the show whatsoever.

We left "A Bug's Land" and headed over to the Playhouse Disney theater. We were pretty sure that 'The Boy' would loooooove what was is store. We watched the show with his favorite, The Little Einsteins. He was a little tired but showed a few smiles and even participated a bit.

Raise your arms real high and say, "Blastoff"!

Ben got to see the show, too.

We stopped to watch the ducks.

There's a smile. We love a carousel. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to ride this one. It was a little bit difficult to get up on my fish.

After walking around a bit (and letting 'The Hubs' ride some grownup rides), we took our tired selves back to the car to grab our picnic dinner. We were going to take it back to the picnic area but, ate in the car and let 'The Boy' run and jump around for a while. I was soooo hungry by the time we got to the car and couldn't wait to go back to the park to eat.

After a tasty dinner (thanks, babe!), we hopped on the trolley and went to Disneyland. We thought we'd catch a few rides before the fireworks. On our next visit, we will time this much better. We walked right into the tail end of the parade. It took forever to get from the main gate to It's a Small World. We did get to see some of the parade and 'The Boy' loved it!

The best seat in the house.

No lines for Small World and I needed a rest. Perfect!

My boys went on Roger Rabbit. I had to sit this one out. It's a little bumpy.

In line for Pinocchio. I think this is 'The Boys' favorite ride. He had been asking to go on it all day long.

Riding in the front car on Casey Jr. His other favorite ride.
A few minutes after getting off of the "train roller coaster", he passed out for the night. We decided to leave before the fireworks to avoid the crowds. We'll see them next time.

Good night!

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