Saturday, March 20, 2010

Practicing Cheese

Sunday mornings have been Mommy and 'The Boy's' special time. (Though we do get a lot of time to spend together these days.) 'The Hubs' is studying for his Professional Engineers (PE) licensing exam and he is gone all morning. It has been hard on 'The Boy' because he somehow just knows that Daddy should be home so, I have made an effort to get on the floor (as hard as this is getting) and play all morning long.

Last week, when we were playing GeoTracks, 'The Boy' saw my camera, grabbed it, and said cheese. I was so shocked and decided to use this as an opportunity to practice smiling for the camera. I got a few good shots before the game became boring.

Actually saying "cheese".

Being shy with his Buh-Buh
Of course he had to try. "Say Cheese, GeoTracks".
This is the first picture 'The Boy' has taken with our camera.

Getting silly.

My handsome boy.
I am beyond excited that he has started looking at and smiling for the camera. We still need to practice but, we are getting there.

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