Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Here we are again and probably for the last time before 'The Little' is born. 'The Hubs' got a job teaching a couple of classes at Cal Poly Pomona this quarter so, there go his Fridays off. That and it's not so easy waddling around all day.
We got to D-land at about 2pm and should have just turned around and went back home when we realized that we had to park in the Toy story lot (this is the last resort parking).
It was sooooo busy and soooo hot! We were kind of wondering why on earth all these kids didn't have to be in school and then realized that spring break had probably started. Even with sunscreen on I was nervous about getting burned so we went on rides that had shady lines.
Let me just preface the next bit by saying that my pregnant brain doesn't work so well and any logic that I may have previously possessed has escaped me for the time being. That's why I thought it would be fun to go on Pirates of the Caribbean. Go ahead and flame me! There were a bunch of little kids even younger than 'The Boy' in line but that doesn't mean I, too, should expose my kid to flume drops, cannon fights, prostitution, drinking and worst of all, the dark.
Waiting in line. Still okay at this point.

As soon as the boat pulled away he started screaming "it's scary". Too late. What could I do? I just held him throughout the whole ride and pointed out the kid friendly stuff like dogs, and pigs, and treasure.
We survived but he was so ready to get off the ride.

After I tortured my kid, we took him over to good ole Toontown for recovery. He had a blast on the (very crowded) playground and played in Goofy's house for a half a hour.


In a tunnel.

Hanging out on the watermelon.

I ♥ this face.

Playing Goofy's piano.

Sitting in Goofy's chair.

He soooo wanted to jump in this fountain and play!
Next we headed to Fantasyland and hit up a few rides before dinner.

In line for the teacups.

Not looking at the camera, of course.

In line for the carousel. Yes, his finger is in Daddy's ear.

We're at the happiest pace on earth. Can't you tell?

At about 5, we left the park and walked to Mimi's Cafe for dinner. We beat the dinner rush and I got to sit and relax for a while. So nice because my back was starting to hurt. When we got back to the parks, we decided to go to California Adventure. We were hoping it would be less crowded. It wasn't.
Daddy, 'The Boy' and his trains; Ben (again) and Edward.

At the Cal Adventure entrance.

Me and my sweetie :)!

My boys.

Where I spent most of the evening. On a bench. My back was breaking!

There's my happy boy!

I have no idea what's going on here but he's so happy, who cares! I was sitting on the ground waiting for the parade. We left before it started. I could not sit like that without my back hurting. Maybe next time which, I'm pretty sure, will be long after this baby is born.

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