Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pumkin Patch- A BLTN post

We didn't make it to the good pumpkin patch this year. We intended to and tried several times. Morning sickness won in the end and we ended up at home for most of the month of October. We did get to the smaller patch at the end of Grammie's street. It wasn't as much fun as last year (mainly because all I wanted to do was lay down) but it got us into the Halloween spirit.

So many pumpkins. Which should I choose?

Patiently waiting to go into the petting zoo. He was so excited but then cried the entire time he was in there.

Pretty sure this one is bigger than you, buddy. He thought it made a nice drum.

We'll try to get to Peltzer Farms next year. And the apple orchard. And off the couch. :).

*BLTN-better late than never

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