Saturday, August 25, 2012

At Six Months

    You are half of a year old!

     You are such a big boy!  19 1/2 pounds!  We call you 'Chunk' or 'Chunky Monkey' quite often.  We can help it...chubby babies are adorable.  You are a very good eater- still drinking soy formula four times a day.  You eat rice cereal and all sorts of fruit and veggies.  You love them all!

   You get up at night but only once and you fall back to sleep very quickly with a bottle. Your crib is still in Mommy and Daddy's room but we think it might be time to move you out soon.  You are a light sleeper and any noise we make bugs you.  You started waking us up with your signature wake up call- banging you bottle on you crib.

You have started to get very curious about the world around you.  I love watching you take everything in.  I just know that your little head is saying "how do i grab that and put it in my mouth". 

We started taking you to the gym and you love it there.  Miss Mable is your favorite babysitter by far.  You love snuggling with her and playing in the exersaucer.

We cannot believe how fast the first half of your firs year has gone.  You grow so much every day and soon you won't be our baby any more but we will never forget these sweet moments with you.  You are our little monkey and we love you so!

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