Monday, July 18, 2011


You know how they say, when you make plans, God laughs.  Well, I had a lot of plans for the next few months and none of them included what God had planned for us.  We had a trip to Hawaii planned, a half marathon in December, numerous sushi dinners, and more skinny margaritas that I care to admit to planning to drink.  Much to my disappointment, my plans aren't exactly going to work out right now. 

I am pregnant...again. 

When I was pregnant with 'Munchkin', I was positive that she would be our last.  After she was born, I felt that maybe we could handle just one more.  Then, a few months ago, I started to get jealous when I found out that people were pregnant.  And by people, I mean celebrities.  I knew that I wasn't done.  I just knew I wasn't ready yet.  'The Hubs' agreed and we decided to wait until 'Munchkin's' second birthday to start trying.  Well, on the day of 'Munchkin's' first birthday and mere hours before her party...I got a plus sign.  God's plan...not mine. 

Needless to say, despite our knowledge of how babies are made, we were both incredibly surprised.  'The Hubs' beamed with excitement.  I sobbed and sobbed and they were not happy tears.  It took me some time to come to terms that God's plan was good and He would not give me anything that I could not handle. 

Today, we visited Dr. D.  I am exactly 9 weeks.  We saw our little one for the first time and it felt surreal.  The shock that I was back in her ultrasound room when I had last been there just 13 months before.  The excitement to see our baby and its heart fluttering away.  The joy that two parents shared in watching their family grow.

 I am due February 19th.  A week that was spent in a hospital saying goodbye to my Dad two and a half years ago.  From my sadness, joy will rise.  God is good.  And so are His plans. 



Janelle Nelson said...

Is it to soon to call sprinkle dibs!

The Johnsons said...

Not at all. Sprinkle away! ;)

Leslie said...

what?! that's so crazy!! how're you feeling so far? CONGRATULATIONS!

devon lorraine ... said...

i remember the feeling of 'i didn't plan this, i had other things planned.' so much of your post brought back memories.

thanks for your honesty!

congratulations on the change in course!