Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hubs!

We celebrated the rest of 'The Hubs' birthday at Pala Casino.  I'm sure by now you have realized that this is a favorite spot.  My step-mom loves it there and that is where she stays when she comes to visit us.  'The Boy' calls it "Grandma's house" because he hasn't been to her real house since he was a baby.  (The last time I was there was the day of my Dad's funeral.  I kind of like our new adopted Grandma's house much better.)

We went there to celbrate poolside but the weather was not in our favor.  We toughed it out and thankfully, those cabanas block a lot of wind.  We had a nice visit with family and the usual, lunch, song and cake.  And gifts for the kids, of course.  So spoiled. 

Happy Birthday, Hubs!

{New Castle is his you know.}

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