Sunday, October 31, 2010

Love is in the Air

 My dear friend, Monica, got married a few weekends ago.  It was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy for my friend that she found happiness.

 Moni and her groom, Evan.  Such a gorgeous couple.

But, before the wedding, we had some serious celebrating to do and shenanigans to have.

The Bridal Shower...
'Munchkin' and I made the trek up to the OC for our first girls day.  It was the first time she met "Auntie Odica".  The day was gorgeous and the shower was adorable.  We ate great food, played games (which I usually hate but I loved one of them) and showered our friend with love.

 We played a game, well we watched Monica play, where she had to answer questions about Evan.  When she got one wrong, she was required to adorn a piece of this lovely Hawaiian getup.  She ended up with a lot of stuff on. 

 We shared the afternoon with good friends, old and new.  And Nazee loved on my girl for the better half of the party.

 Showering Monica with gifts.

This one's a little blurry and it is from Moni's sister.  She is opening my gift- an apron and a loaf pan.  The irony in this is that I have never known Moni to cook.  I know that she's pretty good at ordering take out but I thought Evan did all of the cooking.  I imagine he'll look pretty good in that apron.

 My girl got so much attention.  She ate it up!

The Bachelorette Party...

I left the littles behind for a trip to Santa Barbara for the weekend.  We had such a blast celebrating Monica's last weekend of singlehood.  I drove up late Friday afternoon which meant I had a good hour in traffic on the 101.  When we all got there, we headed out to the yummiest bacon filled dinner.

 Killing time at a sports bar across the street.

 The party girls.  I must admit, I had a hard time keeping up with them.

The next morning, a limo picked us up and we headed out to three wineries.  The weather was perfect which says a lot because it was pouring the day before. 
We started at Gainey winery...

 Before any shenanigans took place.  It was early.  Robin and I are hold Evan heads.  They came along for the whole weekend. 

 Robin and Evan.


 The delightful boys at Demetria winery who indluged us in our crazy requests.

The girls (and the Evans) after a few.

That night, we went to a martini bar for drinks and then danced the night away at the club next door.  Evan came, too.  And a whole bunch of shenanigans.

 Drinks at Blush.

 Having a martini with Evan.

 This poor guy, a victim of our shenanigans, holding his door prize in his mouth. 

 Shenanigans in the boy's room.

 A little dancing.

Moni and Evan.

The Wedding...

 This is an ice sculpture of a sea bass.  It was a wedding gift for Evan, an avid fisherman.  Of course 'The Hubs' had to pose with it.  I love that I had so much champagne at that point that I didn't bother checking to make sure I wasn't in the mirror.

The sun set and then my camera died.  So bummed.

I did steal this photo from Mariel...

It was such a fun party!  Congrats, Moni and Evan.  We love you!

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