Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday!

The day after his party, we celebrated 'The Boy's' actual birthday.  Because you're not a member of the family until you start celebrating your birthday weekend.  We had no big plans for the day.  We just wanted to open presents and take him out to lunch.  I usually go bigger on the birthday itself but, I was so drained from hanging out with 24 of 'The Boy's' closest friends the night before and so was he. 

 Happy Birthday, big three year old!

Sweet 'Munchkin' put on her biggest smile for her brother.



Surprise!  A Cars bike, of course.

And the winner for favorite gift of the day...

a drum set!

At Red Robin ('the boy's' favorite) eating his birthday "mac and roni and cheese" and french fries.

A birthday serenade.

After lunch, we went home for a birthday nap.  I know.  He should be exempt on his birthday but he was so crabby from the party.  Before dinner, we went out front to try out his new ride. 
Getting acquainted.

Screaming because he had to wear a helmet.  I told him he couldn't ride his bike if he didn't wear it.

So he took it off and walked his bike home.  Stinker!
'Munchkin' out for a stroll.

We ate dinner al fresco and called it an early night.  Happy birthday, Bud!  We love you!

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