Friday, September 3, 2010

At Two Months

              Time continues to fly by around here and you are already two months old.  Those days of imagining what your face would look like while I savored your belly rolls seem like a lifetime ago.  Your face, which looks a whole lot like mine, is so sweet and what I look forward to seeing when I open your door each morning.

              At two months, you are awake throughout the day with your eyes wide as you drink in all this world has to offer.  You smile at anyone who indulges you with a smile first and you still give me that quizzical look often.  You hold your head up well when you are being held upright and when you are on your tummy.  And you love being on your tummy.
             Your sleeping through the night, which we are ecstatic about.  You eat your nighttime bottle around 8 and we put you down, swaddled, in your crib at 9.  You sleep until about 5 or 6.  We cannot thank you enough for that.  You catnap throughout the day wherever you are (swing, bouncy chair, floor, couch, car seat) and every once in a while, you catch a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  You still love a good snooze in some body's arms.
             At your 2 month check up with Dr. H., you weighed 11 lbs. 2 oz., and you are 22 1/2 inches long.  All in the 75% percentile.  Your dark hair that had us baffled in the begining has changed to a strawberry blond and what little you lost has already started to grow back in.  You quickly grew out of newborn diapers and clothes.  You are currently in size 1 diapers and size 3 months for clothing.
             You eat soy formula, you gassy thing.  We had to switch you yet again because you spit up and had painful gas.  You are now eating 4-5 oz. of formula out of Dr. Brown's bottles every 3 hours.  You still spit up a bit but we are now always armed.
             You love your play mat and staring at the toys dangling over you.  You LOVE you swing and insist on watching the birds and bugs moving around.  You can pull the frog on your bouncy chair and smile when you hear the music.  Your brother bring you odd little toys to play with and you humor him.  We read stories together and sing lullabies.  When you are fussy, you will take a pacifier and cozy up to a soft blankie.
           You get out and about often.  I remember staying at home a lot more when your brother was your age.  You go with the flow, thank goodness.  We have been all over town, to birthday parties, the Farmer's Market, and you've even visited Sea World.
           Your brother still adores you, kisses you and calls you Chels, princess, peanut, and little sweetheart.  When you cry he comes rushing to your side and says, "it's okay, baby".  I imagine he'll be protective of you as you grow together.

           Chels Bells, the days are flying and as you grow there is a corner in my heart with your name on it that grows, too.  I love you, my sweet girl, my daughter, my love.

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