Thursday, April 1, 2010

Johnny's 30th Birthday Weekend

It's that special time of year that only lasts for a month and a half---my hubby and I are the same age. It doesn't last for very long but makes me feel a little younger and less cougarish at least for a bit.

'The Hubs' is thirty! I was heavily encouraged not to do anything special or out of the ordinary for this birthday. No surprises, no vacations, etc. I followed the rules. Only because I am growing more pregnant by the day and have no desire to plan stuff or to be scolded by someone the same age as me.

On Friday, I took 'The Hubs' out for dinner. I told him it was his choice which, of course, was sushi until he remembered that I can't eat that right now. So we went to the Yard House. It was such a nice night and we sat out on the patio drinking beer.
'The Hubs' ordered the six-pack.

Mmmmm. That looks refreshing.

Checking out the descriptions of the beer.

My (much less) desirable version.

After dinner, we considered going to see Avatar but, it didn't start until 10 and, being that he just turned old, we decided that was way too late to attempt viewing a three hour long flick.
On Sunday, we had a little family dinner which is hardly little for us. I was so busy chatting with Janelle and Jennifer that I forgot to take pictures of the family. I did remember to capture cake time.
Happy 30th!

Yummy "cholocalate"

'The Boy' helped Daddy open his gifts.

My gift to my love.
Happy Birthday, baby. This year I followed the rules as per your request. I cannot promise that I will be so kind next year ;).

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