Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! This is by far my favorite and least favorite holiday all wrapped into one. My favorite because it is day that we recognize Jesus' sacrifice for us. My least favorite because somewhere along the way, someone thought it would be a great idea to make it all about candy.

We started our Easter morning early (6:30 am) partly due to 'The Boy' sleeping in his big boy bed (post to come). The Easter Bunny sure was generous this year.

'The Boy's' goodies.

His Easter basket filled with "Peeks" and trains.

A new carrying case for all those trains and our newest addition, Molly.

A new bucket and cool Mr. Car-E sunglasses.

So excited.

"I see my Molly!"

Checking out his new friends.

Playing trains and beginning a "Peek" feast.

"Daddy! That's my Mr. Car-E glasses."

Hunting for eggs. He still hadn't found them all by the next morning.

"I found it!"

Digging in.

Ready to go to church in his new sunglasses.

We went to services with Gigi and Pop. It was soooooo crowded and hot! I even had to leave once to get some fresh air. The service was good and we sang my one of my favorite songs Amazing Love. 'The Boy' wanted nothing to do with childcare so he came in the main sanctuary with us. He did really well and loved the music. He fell asleep on Pop's lap about 1/3 of the way through. That's what a 6:30 am egg hunt will do to you.

Still asleep in the car.

After church, we went to Richie's Diner for brunch. They have such good biscuits and gravy. Yummy!

'The Boy' and Gigi, coloring.

Playing with Molly.

We went to Gigi and Pop's after lunch for more Easter bunny treats and an egg hunt. Wow, Tyler, the Easter bunny must think you are very special to give you so many treats!

Easter basket and gifts at Gigi and Pop's.

So excited! He got the Mr. Car-E movie. We have watched it just about every day since.

"My Rosie!"

He insisted on opening his chocolate bunny like a present...

...and when it was opened he said "Chocolate!"

A Little Einsteins magnetic book.

Next it was onto the backyard for another Easter egg hunt. This time, the bunny hid them in some really hard to find places.
Note: The egg gets opened. Then the candy goes in the basket. Some goes in his mouth.

Searching really hard.

"I found it!" That one was hidden in the bark of the palm tree.

He took his new Thomas and Friends coloring book with him on most of the hunt.

"I got it!"

Later that night, Uncle Mikey came over and my Mom made a delicious Easter dinner: ham, coleslaw, and some other stuff. I was all about the ham and coleslaw. Then we played with some of 'The Boy's' new toys (video coming soon) before heading home. It was such a perfect Easter day!

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