Saturday, January 16, 2010


Every year, 'The Hubs' and I get season passes to a theme park and this year we chose Disneyland. We figured 'The Boy' is getting old enough to where he can ride all the rides and possibly have memories of us taking him so, off we went to the happiest place on earth. That and what pregnant woman wouldn't want to spend a day out of each month waddling around D-land.
Our first trip was fun and certainly eventful. I grew up in the O.C. and consider myself to be pretty familiar with the area. Hence, my head hanging shame when we got lost on the way there. Good thing 'The Boy' was napping at this point otherwise 'The Hubs' may have lost it. Once we arrived, I only had to run back to the car once to get the camera before boarding the tram (which 'The Boy' called a train).
How exciting it is to see your child's face when he enters the Disneyland gates for the first time! I only wish that I could share that moment with the rest of the world.

'The Boy's' eyes were fixated on the train that was parked at Main Street Station (of course) and so this was the best picture we could get that would capture this once in a lifetime moment.

We headed to lunch right after sorting out all our passport stuff. We were all starving because I got us lost ::hanging head in shame::.

Waiting for Daddy to bring us some food.

Our first ride was It's a Small World. The line was super short and who wouldn't want to start off the day by getting that song stuck in their head?

'The Boy', on It's a Small World, clinging to his Buh-Buhs Lanket.

'The Boy' did great after saying "no, no like it" a few times and the ride was still decked out for the holidays so we sang Jingle Bells for the rest of the day instead of the usual repetitive monster.

Not looking at the camera again. He was staring at the Santa hat on the clock. Hoping he doesn't ask to open presents when we get home.

Next stop: Toon Town

Outside of Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin. Note: a little nauseating for pregnancy.

Playground time

A "pokekin"

Don't mind the roots. I have an appointment today at 12:30.

'The Hub's' in the pumpkin patch

Riding the train. When we later asked him what his favorite ride was, this was it . Big surprise!

Riding the carousel

My handsome men, waiting for a Mad Tea Party.



Meeting Goofy. This is close as we could get and thankfully we snapped this photo before the tears came.

Meeting Mickey Mouse. Again, clinging to Buh-Buhs Lanket.
We had so much fun taking our little man to Disneyland for the first time. He was so brave and went on so many rides that we thought might be a little too old for him (Pinnochio produced no tears). 'The Hubs' and I are completely exhausted and it may take us awhile to recuperate before heading that way again. Next time,we head to California Adventure!

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