Tuesday, January 5, 2010

15 Weeks

I can't believe that we are already here!

The first 12 weeks were spent close to the toilet or laying on my new best friend (we have since changed the status of our relationship form beginning to mold into one another to hanging out for a few hours a day). I was so relieved to get that first trimester behind me because I knew (hoped) that I would be leaving all my morning glory sickness with it. I felt pretty good from the beginning of week 12 until yesterday when I was reunited with my old friends nausea and the couch. I am feeling much better today and am hoping it was a fluke.

Yesterday, I went to visit Dr. B. for our 15 week appointment. I got to hear the baby's heartbeat, a healthy 137, and found out the date of our big ultrasound. January 26th is the big day and I cannot wait to find out what we are having. I have been wanting to cheat by going to a 3D ultrasound place but 'The Hubs' said to be patient. I had a pregnancy induced mitral valve prolapse when I was preggers with 'The Boy' and started having heart palpitations the other night so, I also get to visit the cardiologist that same week.

Otherwise, everything is great with 'The Little' and 'The Boy' has started to kiss my belly when I ask him to kiss the baby. So cute! I will leave you with some 15 week facts and no picture as this pregnancy has yet to be photographed.
15 weeks
Size of bay in comparison to produce: navel orange.

Total weight gain: I have decided not to look this time until the very end but I haven't gotten 'the talk' yet.

Next appointment: January 26th for anatomy screening and gender reveal; February 5th with Dr. B.

Maternity clothes?: Yes. For some time now. I feel sooooo comfortable!

Stretch marks: Zero. And I will continue to bathe in cocoa butter until I find one.

Sleep: I now only require about 8 hours a night as opposed to the 12 I was getting a month ago.

Movement: First felt the flutters last Sunday and I have felt popping just about every day since.

Food cravings: None whatsoever.

Food aversions: fish, bacon, cottage cheese.

Gender: Coming soon! We have both been back and forth and no longer have any gut instinct.

Belly button: In.

What I miss most: Cadillac Margaritas and Calvin Klein jeans.

Milestones: First flutters.

What I am looking forward to most: July 2010.

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