Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Imagination Celebration

A few weeks ago, our family was invited to celebrate Gunnar's second birthday at the Pennypickles Imagination Museum in Temecula. We hadn't seen Gunnar or his parents (our friends Chad and Rosey) in ages and we were so glad to be able to get together with them and some of 'The Hubs' old High School buddies.

This was our very first visit to to Imagination Workshop and didn't know what to expect. Wow! What a fun place. There are different rooms of Professor Pennypickle's house with all sorts of contraptions to look at and play with. 'The Boy' was in button pushing heaven!

Playing with Legos (his fav)

Drumming in the Music Room

Up, up, and away!

I see you

After an hour or so of free play time in the museum, we went outside to a nice grassy area to have Gunnar's birthday celebration. We ate some delicious food and the boys played with their 'Thomas' trains.

Gunnar's cake was adorable! A brain cake and eyeball cupcakes. So cute and so messy! Just the way the boys like them.

Mmmmm, icing!

I'm a mess

Tyler, Miles, and Gunnar

Happy Birthday, Gunnar. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you.

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PB∧Janelle-e said...

We went there and they were closed :( we want to go again soon!! Looks like so much fun!