Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Birthday

First of all, I turned 33 this year.  An age that, for some reason, I was dreading.  Combine that with 'The Hubs' away for business the night before and the most sleepless night since 'Mister's' first week and it was a recipe for disaster.  But, I was determined to make the most of it because, it was my birthday, damn it!

The night before my birthday was just one of those nights.  'Mister' was up off and on until midnight and then I spent five hours watching the clock tick on.  And just when I may have (I'm not even sure...I was delusional) drifted off, 'Mister' woke up for yet another feeding.  By the time I had finished changing and feeding him, it was 6 am.  I considered rolling over to get some shut eye but then I thought, this is when I get up.  So I did. 

I got in the shower, got dressed and emptied a bottle of Clear Eyes.  I called my mom for my birthday greeting.  She told me she was so tired because she only got 5 hours of sleep.  I told her, "I win"...I hadn't slept yet!

I was going to be tired all day and I was going to need to be within 5 minutes of a Starbucks at any given time but I was going to have a great day!

I dropped 'The Boy' off at school and headed straight for caffeine.

 See says triple.  As in triple shot.  Of espresso.  I'd like to say that it was all I need but I had several of these throughout the day.

I picked up my mom and we headed to the farmer's market.  She stopped for a lottery ticket.  I got one because, on your birthday, you're extra lucky.

I hung in there for most of the morning.  I started to get a bit sleepy on the way to pick up 'The Boy' but I was determined to have a nice lunch.  We ate at the bagel shop which was seriously my choice because it was easy to chase after the kids there.

Then, I dropped my mom off at home and headed back to ours to meet 'The Hubs'.  On the way there, I got a phone call saying that he was a couple of hours behind.  I about died!  I was so ready for a nap.  So ready that I cried.  Sobbed, really.  And yelled a bunch of inaudible words. 

I gave myself a little pep talk and tried to power through.  And, of course, not a single child would take a nap!  Somehow, by the grace of God, I made it.  'The Hubs' walked in the door, gave me a birthday kiss and I went to bed.

Two hours later, he came into our room and asked if I wanted to go out for a birthday dinner with my parents.  I swear, I felt like a new woman (who desperately needed a margarita) so we went out to celebrate.

My birthday sundae.

  Me and 'Munchkin'.

Me and 'The Boy'. tired do I look?!?

'Mister' was way into the ice cream.  If only he had the dexterity, he would have grabbed the spoon and fed himself.
'The Littles' ran around outside and played in the fountain for a bit.  I loved watching them.
'Mister' just hung out and wondered how on earth he ended up in this family.

And when it was all over, we went home and I went straight to bed. 

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devon lorraine ... said...

i cried on my 33rd too! and i only have 2 kids! graham was about 6 weeks old i'd say, and i was so exhausted that patrick came home early from work after i broke down, over nothing, while on the phone with him. birthdays and infants are a dangerous combo!

and you do not look tired AT ALL in that photo!