Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Samplings of February

We spent much of February waiting, and waiting but we managed to fill our days enough to make time pass.  I just wish it had passed a little more quickly.

I have been on a green smoothie kick.  'The Littles' don't even suspect that there are greens in there.

Our countdown to baby chain.  Too bad we ran out of links before our baby came.

Stuffing her new bear at Build-a-Bear.
Making a wish to put in his bear which he named after himself.  First, middle and last name.
She wants to be such a big girl at the playground.  Always trying to keep up with her brother.
A beanie that I crocheted for our neighbor's little girl.
An afternoon spent writing out Valentines.
'The Hubs' brought home a little treat for me.  Such a good hubby.
All bundled up for a cold day.
18 month check up.  Still a 'Munchkin'...5th percentile for her weight.

A post vaccination smoothie.
'The Boy' gave his sister a ride on a warm afternoon.
Killing time with a basket full of yarn.  I got to the point where I made way more beanies than one little baby head could wear.
'The Littles' dancing on our bed just one day before 'Mister's' arrival.

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