Saturday, March 24, 2012

At One Month


One month has already come and gone since you came into our lives.  I love that it feels like you have been the missing link and complete our little family.  You have been easy going at times and pretty demanding at others.  It's as if you know your place in the line up.  You're the third born.  You are mellow when the others are going crazy and you crave attention when the others are keeping us from you.

You have been exclusively breast fed for your first month...never took a single bottle.  This is amazing because I gave in with bottles early on with your brother and sister.  You are such a good eater...every two hours during the day and sometimes as long as four hours at night.

I don't know if it is your diet but you are definitely our biggest baby.  9 lbs. 11 oz. already!  Amazing because you sadly had RSV at three weeks old and it was truly miserable.  But you powered through and held onto all of your weight.  You are still hanging onto (barely) your newborn clothes but you've already graduated to size one diapers.

Your brother and sister love you and are adjusting so well.  We still have to remind your sister to be gentle with you...she sometimes smacks you when she means to pat and be loving.  A few weeks after you came home, she woke up form her nap asking, "where my baby?"  Your brother loves you and kisses you often.  He is so looking forward to you being older so that you can play together. 

Recently, you've been showing us your sweet smile.  We love that it reveals a little dimple on your right cheek.  You hold your head up so well strong!

While a part of me is a bit sad that these first few weeks are gone already, I am so looking forward to watching you grow in the months to come.  We love you so much, little monkey and we ae so glad that you are here!

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