Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pregnancy #3

This pregnancy is not well documneted.  I have been so busy running after 'The Littles' and catching up on life that I haven't made an effort to take belly pictures or blog about pregnancy month by month.  I feel badly about that.  The only way that I can even start to make up for it is to describe how very wonderful this pregnancy has been.
I hated being pregnant with 'The Boy' and 'Munchkin'.  Close to every second of it was dreadful.  This time around, I have never been more sick and never more exhausted.  I've had too many nosebleeds to count, got hit with the stomach flu twice, and even fell down the stairs once. 

Yet, I have enjoyed every moment of being pregnant.  So much so, that I will eat my words right now and say that I might want to do this just one more time.  I have loved sharing my body with another person and feeling every kick and hiccup.  I have enjoyed the excitment of preparing for another member of our family.  I didn't even mind the morning sickness much.

As we draw closer and closer to our baby's due date, I have become a little sad that I may never have this experience again.  I remember the shock and sadness I felt when I first discovered that I would be a mommy of three.  I remember thinking that I had plenty of time to get used to the idea...February 19th was a long way off.  I never thought I would come to the end of this pregnancy with such a positive experience or even desiring more children.

With that said, I am ready.  Ready for this new life to join ours.  Ready for the craziness that will be adjusting to having three 'Littles'.  Ready to fall in love again. 

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Janelle Nelson said...

I am so happy that your experience was better this time and I am excited that you want more! Enjoy your little man!