Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

 Early Father's Day morning, 'The Hubs' whispered in my ear and said he was taking 'The Boy' to get breakfast with his Dad.  I got to sleep in...on Father's Day!  Felt like Mother's Day to me.  When they got back, he picked up 'Munchkin' and took them to the pet shop to look at puppies ( I told him I'd kill him if he brought one home) and for ice cream.

I stayed home and looked at old pictures and blog posts and sobbed my eyes out.  It's time has passed, there are days that go by and I forget to miss my Dad.  But there are some days where it feels like the wound in my heart is fresh as if the whole thing has just happened.  'The Hubs' and I have an understanding.  He gives me the morning to cry, scream, sob and just miss my Dad.  He gets the first half of the day with the people who gave him this day in the first place.  Win, win.  I suppose as time goes by, I'll require less and less of the day to mope in my pj's, eating cake for breakfast.

When they got home, we got ready for a little BBQ with my mom and step-dad.  We ate yummy food and loved on our Daddy and Pop and got back to what the day is really about now.  Thank you, baby for being such a wonderful Daddy and understanding husband. 

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