Monday, June 13, 2011

Dixon Lake

Our friends, Monica and Evan invited us camping at Dixon Lake in Escondido.  We were hoping to be able to get away without 'The Littles' but it didn't work out so they went on their very first camping trip.  Camping is not for everyone and Monica even told me that she was concerned we wouldn't make it through the night with the kids.  Have kids, will travel.  Honestly, they far exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to take them again.

'The Hubs' set up our tent once we got their and I watched 'The Boy' roll around in the dirt while 'Munchkin' napped.  Our first air mattress needed an electric hookup to inflate so the boys took it to the bathroom to do the deed and walked it back to the campsite.

It all seemed to work out just fine until 'The Hubs' realized he had put a hole in when they were trying to maneuver it out of the bathroom.  Camping with a leaky air mattress...not so awesome.  We tried to enjoy the campsite before coming up with a plan B.

'The Hubs' enjoyed his new lounge chair.

'Munchkin' enjoyed a beer can.

And then, she later spit up into my Coach purse.  Who brings a Coach purse camping, anyway?  Me, I do.

We decided that plan B involve me taking my spit up smelling Coach purse and 'Munchkin' toTarget to buy a new air mattress.  Monica and the boys took 'The Boy' out on the lake for his first fishing adventure.

He loved being on the water, just like his Daddy.  He was, however, very disappointed that he did not catch a fish.  He talked about wanting to catch one for days after we got home.
Once the sun started to go down, it got cooler and we bundled up to make some dinner.

'The Littles' went to sleep so easily.  'Munchkin' was pooped and she passed out in her pack and play super fast.  'The Boy' watched a movie on his portable DVD player and fell asleep halfway through.

We woke up the next morning and started to pack up a little bit before Monica and I took 'The Boy' on a hike.  I am telling you, that kid loves the outdoors.  He would have hiked all day if he could have but the trail only went so far before we had to turn around and head back to the campsite.

The Johnson/Schroeder camping trip while short, was successful.  I think 'The Littles' will be fine with a weekender.  We can't wait for our next outdoor adventure.

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