Saturday, June 11, 2011

Coronado: Nick and Julie's Wedding

 Our friends Nick and Julie got married on the Coronado Island base.  Of course, we made a little trip out of it and stayed at our favorite Marriott.  We got a room with an awesome pool and bridge view.  Too bad we weren't there long enough to enjoy it.

No sooner did we check in that we were rushing to get dressed and head to the Naval base.  'The Hubs' lived on the base when he was in the Navy so we drove around for a bit and he pointed out different landmarks and told me a bunch of stories about the good old days. 

The wedding was on a boardwalk overlooking the ocean.  It was not a warm day but it was still beautiful.  We were a little concerned with how well the kids would behave during the ceremony but, the roles were reversed and, for once, 'The Boy' was good as gold and 'Munchkin' had to be removed.

This face says it all...pretty much sums up his expectations on the kids behavior.

My handsome little man.

'Munchkin' and her love, Owen.

The reception was so fun and there was a huge dance floor for 'The Littles' to run around on.

I just love this.  He pulled around the dance floor for quite a while and she giggled the whole time.

Fruit punch mustache...the very best kind.

Dancin' queen.

We had a blast but the kids faded around 8:30 and we knew we had to leave before all the real grown up fun began.  Congrats, Nick and Julie.  Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your special day.

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