Thursday, August 19, 2010


Some days I look forward to this all day.  After a busy day with the crazies littles, I love that time after baths when we start to unwind.  We gather on the floor in 'The Boy's' room for story time and sing lullabies to drowsy eyes.  Most nights, we get visits from little feet several times for "fresh water", ghost extermination, and even for an extra hug and kiss.  I love our little routine, even when I'm exhausted and don't really feel like singing 'Hush Little Tyler' "just one more time, pleeeeez!"

'Munchkin', makes her entrance.  Nice ride, girlfriend.

Love her unamused face.  I fear that this boy torture is for a lifetime, my girl.

Sleepy eyes meet an the lingering bits of the days energy.  The eyes always win though the he fights it to the death.

My loves, sitting on my ugly carpet.  Someday, I will long for these days but will look at my white, unstained carpets and feel a little bit of joy that the littles no longer spit up and spill juice on the floors.

Thank you, Uncle Michael, for our new friend.  This turtle is 'The Boy's' new nightlight and now he sleeps in the starry dark.

 Stories.  Can't always make everyone happy.

Our stars.

The day is done and the moon has come.  Sleep tight, my littles, 'till you see the sun.


devon lorraine ... said...

super sweet. one day, we'll have a bedtime routine ...

do you curl your hair every day?

The Johnson's said...

No, I don't curl my hair every day but, I only post pictures of myself when I look good. :) Most of the time, I have bedhair piled on the top of my head.