Monday, August 9, 2010

Slipin' and a Slidin'

It seems that all we have done in the past few weeks is go, go, go, trying to keep our littles busy as they soak up every drop of the season.  This weekend, we tried to soak up their sweetness as they did what they do best...being littles. 

We introduced 'The Boy' to one of my favorite summertime toys...the slip 'n' slide.  I love how his laughter at the simplest things get us going and, for a moment, we feel like kids again. 

Case in point.

There wasn't so much slippin' or slidin' as there was skippin' and...

...belly floppin'!

I'm not exactly sure which boy was having more fun.  Still not fully understanding the whole 'boys will be boys' thing.




Poor little eye, all banged up and bruised.  This was the result of a tiny person running into the glass dining room table at full speed.  The tears from that impact didn't last long but the memory stuck on his face for a week.

I cannot even put into words what my heart feels when I see this smile.

He laughed through every skip, flop, crash and burn.

Little flop stung belly.

These boys were cracking up for hours and I wasn't sure they would ever tire. I prayed there would be a three hour snooze for the littlest one at the tail of it all.  There was.  I think the big one took a snooze, too.

I am, as usual, totally out of the picture but the biggest part of the picture being the memory keeper.  On this day, I too, was laughing with my head tilted all the way back and so happy that I was given the chance to make our giggles freeze in time.

And all the while, our littlest little slept the sunshine away as if to say, 'silly brother, slow down and enjoy the little things'.  Like a first morning nap on the back patio.  Point taken, munchkin.  That morning, we drank the little things in.  Gulped, even.  And then back to busy we went with the summer escaping us faster and faster.

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Leslie said...

man...don't you think we'd be SO INJURED on a slip + slide?? Flopping onto the ground like that takes so much finesse and lack of care! SO MUCH FUN FOR BOYS.