Monday, April 22, 2013

One Last Disney Day

Our Disneyland passes were set to expire and we wanted to get just one more visit in before we took a break.  That's right...a break.  'The Littes' were beginning to enjoy the parks less and less and so were we.  We will be back for the holidays.  It just wouldn't feel like the holidays without Disneyland.

We ended up spending the day at California Adventure and never left the park.  It was so relaxing and not too crowded.  A perfect Disney day. 

'Mister' held onto his Daddy's leg for dear life on the ladybug ride.  Not a huge fan.

I took 'Munchkin' to see The Muppets in 3D while the boys took a rest. 

She loved it!

I am already missing Disneyland but I know that we will love it even more after a few months off. 

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