Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kindergarten Spring Party

 For the first half of the school year, I volunteered in 'The Boy's' classroom once a week.  I loved it!  I had to stop because 'The Boy' wasn't responding well to it.  As in he would yell "I love you, Mom" from across the room, or pull up a chair next to me to hang out or snuggle and he'd get in trouble for not doing his work.  I was so excited to be back for his class Spring party. 

Eating snack with his buddy.

 Even though it was not an Easter party, the kids had a huge egg hunt.

He walked me around the classroom to see his work.  His writing has improved so much since the beginning of the year.  Still need to work on grammar and spelling.

We had a little craft time on the rug together.  Note: Mine was the only kid who wanted his mom next to him.  This makes me incredibly happy.

And he made each of us a bracelet.  We still wear them.  And I love his half bitten off nail...kind of.
Happy spring!  And Easter!

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