Wednesday, February 27, 2013

'Mister's' Birthday

It hardly ever works out that a birthday falls on a convenient day to have a big ole bash.  That is why we celebrate what is lovingly and annoyingly referred to by my family as "Birthday Week".  I think birthdays are such a big deal and I love treating 'The Littles' to crazy birthday shenanigans.  Their birthday's are the anniversary of the greatest moments in my life and I like to celebrate the heck out of them!

'Mister's' birthday fell on a Sunday so we had his big bash the day before.  Sunday morning, we introduced him to our family birthday tradition- a happy birthday serenade in bed.  Then we got everyone ready and met up with Gigi, Pop and Uncle Michael at IHOP for breakfast.  I made him wear a birthday hat.  He hated it.

 We all ate pancakes, colored menus and gabbed about how much fun the party was.

 The staff at IHOP was so wonderful and just loved our cute little monkey.  They sung 'Happy Birthday' (which 'Mister' wasn't so sure about) and brought him his birthday sundae (which he loved).

Yup...definitely enjoyed that sundae! 
We went home, took much needed naps and then spent the afternoon playing with all of 'Mister's' gifts.

He loves his new ride!
Happy birthday, monkey.  We hope you enjoyed your birthday week.

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