Sunday, February 24, 2013

At One Year

Little 'Mister',
You are one year old!  

I cannot believe how quickly one year has passed.  Watching you grow in your first year has been such a joy and it warms my heart to see the little person you are becoming.

You are such a chill, laid-back little dude...for the most part.  You go with the flow which is good because we are on the go a lot.  You have a little bit of a temper and when you are upset or let us know it!

You are such a happy little fella...always smiling and showing off those adorable dimples.  You are a little flirt, too.

You have a serious side...there is this 'ooo' face that you make.  You furrow your brow and pucker your lips as if to say 'you must be joking'.  It is so adorable.  You are not impressed by much.  I'm honestly not sure that we have ever seen you overly excited. 

You love your brother and sister and spend a good part of your day chasing them around the house. You're not exactly desperate to play with usually give up trying to keep up with them and then go play with their toys when they aren't looking.  You're a sneaky little guy.

You are our first 'Little' who isn't attached to a blanket yet.  You don't suck your thumb or a binky.  You love your bottle.  Love it!  I don't know how we will ever take it away from you. 

You grow more and more curious each day and are starting to try to figure out how things work. You love swinging doors back and forth and putting objects in and out of cups.  Your favorite toys are Little People.  You could play with them all day.

We still call you our 'Chunky Monkey'.  You aren't exactly off the charts with your size but your daily mission is to eat as much as possible.  I don't know when you will ever be full.  Your favorite food is would eat 20 a day if I'd let you.  You also like pancakes, chicken, and most fruit.

We just love you so very much 'Little Monkey' and are so happy that you completed our little family.

Happy first birthday, 'Mister'.

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