Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunny Days

We've had some crazy weather for January.  I am loving it!  How lucky we are to live in Southern California, where the sun (most) always shines.  In all honesty, this is why we live here.  While 'The Hubs' would love to live somewhere that he can experience four seasons,  I am perfectly content to bask in the sun year round. 
Of course, we cannot be couped up when the sun is smiling down on us and my kids love any excuse to go to the playground.   We were so thankful for beautiful weekend weather so our Daddy could join in the fun.
Hey, cutie!

Oh, my goodness!

This looks all sweet and innocent but 'The Boy' is actually trying to push 'Munchkin' off of Daddy's lap so that he can swing with him.

Making "muzit".

This was her first time swinging at the playground.  She loved it!

Love these little piggies!


Flyin' high.

Thank you, sun for coming out to play with us.  You are welcome here any time.   And all of the time if you'd like.

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C@r!ie said...

love the pictures of your little munchkin in the swing! precious!