Wednesday, October 24, 2012

At Eight Months

Little 'Mister',
      I cannot believe how quickly the months are zooming by.  You are already eight months!  I don't even remember what it is like to have a tiny baby in the house.  You are already such a big boy.  Sometimes, your Daddy and I look at you and think, 'who is that big kid?'
     You are the sweetes tlittle guy.  Definitely a third born personality- laid back, patient- but you get angry when you can't do something.  Thankfully, you don't get easily frustrated so we don't see that side of you often. 
    Right now you are crawling every which way.  You are so excited to be able to follow your brother and sister and finally get your hands on all of their stuff!  You crawl yourself into corners and behind furniture and give the silliest giggle when we "peek-a-boo" find you. 
    You just keep growing and growing.  We're not sure how much you weigh this months but you are starting to wear size 9-12 month clothing.  You're growing because you are an eater.  You love to eat! 
And your new favorite is quinoa!
You are finally sleeping through the night!  It's been a couple of weeks and we think you are about ready to move into  your big boy room with your brother.  He is so excited to share his room.  He has been talking about it since we found out you were a boy!

Who is this big kid????

We loved getting you ready for Halloween.  You giggle in your little parrot costume and you are still trying to figure out how to get the beak in your mouth. 

We love you, little monkey!!!

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