Friday, February 13, 2009

Tyler's New Do

Tyler had his very first haircut today. He has needed one for a while but, like any mother of a little boy, I wanted to hold on to his little baby curls for as long as I could. People started asking if he was a girl and that was it. Today, I got up the courage to go through with it and drove over to Sharkey's Cuts for Kids in Temecula. Once I was in the door, I was trapped and couldn't chicken out.
The girls at Sharkey's were super nice and put up with all of my nervous mom -isms. They asked Tyler to pick out his chair- a yellow Hummer, a Barbie Jeep, or a Navy fighter jet. He chose the Barbie Jeep. He was okay while the girl draped the cape over him and even when she combed his hair. When she sprayed his hair with water, he had a meltdown.
I picked him up and got a mouthful of hair while I comforted him and decided to let him sit in the jet. He loved it. Between pressing the jet's buttons, Sponge Bob on TV and a lollipop, he got through it. So did I.
I admit that I cried later in the day and was so sad that he no longer looked like my baby. I got to keep his hair and I know that it will grow back. I'm starting to get used to it. He looks super handsome and now I'm the mommy of a big boy.

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