Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finally settling in

We moved into our new house on July 13th and it has been more of a project than we thought it would be. We knew that buying a bank owned home would mean a lot of work but, this particular house didn't seem to need as much as others we had seen. Silly us, being the first time homeowners that we are, assumed the house was move in ready. 1 week, 9 gallons of paint, 3 bottles of cleanser, a good carpet shampooing, and about 50 outlet covers later we were ready to move in.
The move itself went relatively smoothly and it has only taken us 2 weeks to get ourselves unpacked. I am now less embarrassed to show off our work in progress and happy to say that only 3 half unpacked boxes remain inside of the house. (The garage is a different story but we will get to that someday.)
So happy to be able to show off our new house to all of you and to (finally) keep you posted on all that is happening with us 3.

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